Mercury® Four-Stroke Outboard Motors

Quiet and fuel-efficient
All have a 3-star C.A.R.B. rating and tiller steering
Three-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

When you buy a Mercury, you're investing in legendary, four-stroke performance in quiet, fuel-efficient outboards. The lightweight 2.5 and 3.5hp models feature 360 degree steering and forward/neutral shifting. The portable 4hp, 5hp and 6hp have a single cylinder that boasts 123cc of displacement; CDI ignition; forward, neutral and reverse shifting; and through-the-prop. exhaust for a smooth operation. The 8hp and above give you a fuel efficiency your wallet will appreciate, plus a multifunctional tiller handle for one-hand shifting, stopping, throttle control, tilting and steering. All motors have a 3-star C.A.R.B. rating and are tiller steer. Three-year limited manufacturer's warranty. The 4, 5, and 6 horsepower models have these additional enhancements: Longer tilller handles for easier use, front mount shift handles for more convenience and comfort, integral fuel tanks with remote fuel tank capability is standard and new top cowl styling. The new 4 HP Four Strokes make operation and portability easy. Plus, clean, quiet, fuel-efficient Four Stroke performance makes them the obvious power of choice.

Motor ships without oil. Please add oil before starting.
Legend: M=Manual start; L=Long shaft; E=Electric start; H=Tiller handle;
GA=Gas assist; O=Oil injection; PT=Power trim; XL=Extra long shaft (25"); C=Counter rotation

Outboard motors may not be returned. Items needing repair should be returned to an authorized service center for repair under manufacturer warranty guideline.
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