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Boat Removal

Long Island NY - Junk Boat Removal - Disposal - Unwanted Boats Removed - Storm Damaged - Abandoned Boat Removal - Non-Running Boat Removal - Boat Dump

Cash paid on some 1995 or newer complete boats! 

Most complete junk or unwanted boats can be removed at no cost, whether they are running or not. Boats must be complete. (Complete boat consists of boat, motor/outdrive, or outboard, and trailer).

All Junk and Unwanted Boats are properly disposed of and not dumped on the side of the road like some guys. The title will be marked as Destroyed by the DMV so you can not use the title for any other boat. We can remove boats with no title but there is some paperwork involved.

There will be a hauling fee charged for boats sitting on blocks. There may be additional charges for boats missing components (such as engines, outdrives, lower units, trailers). Fees are calculated on the size of the boat, and what components are with it.

Quality Used Parts

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We only sell used parts that are in good, working order.
Let us know what you are looking for. We may be able to help!